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Agreement:It is the seller's sole responsibility prior to posting any Domain Name(s) for sale to conduct an extensive check for possible Trademark(s) conflicts. "Buy-Sell-DomainNames.com" and its owners under no circumstances are liable for existing or potential Trademark(s) and Intellectual Proprieties violations or conflicts of interest concerning the Domain Name(s) posted for sale.

Hereby the seller agrees not to initiate any lawsuits, or engage in any legal actions or present any legal claims against "Buy-Sell-DomainNames.com" and its owners after the sale of his/her Domain Name(s) in case of libel by the buyer. Again, it is the seller's sole responsibility to clear the title of his/her Domain Name(s) prior to finalizing its sale. Protect yourself. For professional help refer to Trademark(s) and Escrow services.